Wedding banquet @ York Hotel

On this joyous occasion, our parents
Mr & Mrs Ong Toh Soo and Mr & Mrs Kwong Siew Hong
together with us
David & Elayne
warmly invite
(Your name)
to our wedding banquet on
Thursday, 16th September 2010
at York Hotel Singapore
Carlton Hall (Level 2)
21 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore 228516
(Behind Goodwood Park Hotel)

If one is attending a wedding banquet in the Orchard area at night, taxi fares do pose a threat to his wallet or her purse (provided that they do not have their own transport medium). We spent a total of  $20++ on trips to York Hotel and back to home.

Proceeding to the lobby to take the lift to Level 2. On the screen of the television that is mounted on the wall beside the reception shows that there are 3 events for the night, which includes the banquet.

Despite having plenty of cute cartoon couple characters in the invitation card to emphasize that punctuality will be much appreciated, quite a number ignored. Late-coming is gradually becoming part of the wedding banquet tradition among Singaporeans. Among the latecomers were my parents and I (We reached at 1938 h). It seems logical to do so when the banquet only commences at around 2100 h?

3 2R photos for guests

With albums of David & Elayne’s wedding photos placed at the area just outside Carlton Hall, this is where most of the guests mingle in order to speed up time and perhaps to comment on how compatible the couple are. The Feline Bridal‘s services were engaged. 2R-sized wedding photos were also placed on the reception tables, allowing people to take it. However, many neglected it and Aunt had to distribute it to the guests as keepsake herself. Which reminds me of those days when the teacher will distribute souvenirs or mementos to primary school students.

Oops! Did I make myself clear? David is my cousin. Hehe. He ranks third, with three other elder/younger sisters, in the family. Now all 4 of them are married. From what I’ve learnt from others, David and Elayne’s relationship is of 12 years’ time, as of Year 2010.

Before they start serving the dishes, let's have a sneak preview of the 9-course Chinese Dinner.

According to the seating plan, 3 seats were assigned for us at Table 17. Slight modifications were made to suit my Grandma. So, at Table 17, there’s my parents and I, Grandma, Second Aunt and her husband, Third Aunt, Fifth Great Aunt and cousin Cheryl.

Absolutely grateful to Great Aunt for saying that I should focused on my studies first. Broke out in cold sweat when she started saying that I’m of age. Which means getting hitched. There are cousins who are single and older than me, so no rush there!

Nephew Orlando. He's the only one that my Dad carried tonight.

York Hotel consists of 8 function rooms. Carlton Hall is the largest among the 8, with an area of 20×26=560 square metres (or 66×87=6036 square feet). Its ceiling height is 9.5/11 feet. On a weekday, Peach Blossom starts from $738 nett and Evergold starts from $848 nett, with a minimum of 20 tables. The above specifications is based on information shown on the hotel’s website.

From what I have observed, there are 30 tables with 1 unfilled. The working area of waiters/waitresses were stationed at the four corners of the hall which is made up of 4 rectangular tables with white table cloth. The waiters/waitresses have a hard time performing their job. It seems that 30 tables were too many for the Hall. Tables and chairs were positioned very closely. Guests complained loudly when their needs weren’t satisfied asap. Well, why don’t we put ourselves in their shoes? How could they possibly move like Dash in The Incredibles? Try squeezing through the “hair’s breadth” gap yourself. They even have problems standing comfortably between chairs to serve the dish on the table.

Not forgetting the two inexperienced emcees. Boo! The very first time when they tried to summon everybody’s attention, they “accio” a pail of cold water instead. The second attempt was a success but they looked awkward. Haha. I hope they won’t have stage fright after this.

Cutting the cake together

Every picture of food was shot hastily as everyone was famished! Please bear with the low standards!

Peach Cold Dish Combination (Prawn Salad Vietnamese Spring Roll, Thai Style Conch Meat with Ablone Sauce, Salmon Toast, Mushroom Roll)

Individual serving of Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Crabmeat

Roasted Crispy Chicken with Walnut & Cracker

It should be Steamed Red Snapper with Superior Soya Sauce. Yet, it turns out to be Steamed Barramundi with Superior Soya Sauce. Did they mix it up or is there an error in the printing of menu?

Let’s take a break from all the mouthwatering food.

Meanwhile, a video clip of what happened this morning was played. Cousin David had an easy time, provided that those tasks set by the bride’s siblings and friends were of low difficulty. He has the comedian genes in him! Shaking his butt and being dressed up as “Miss Singapore”.

The couple are about to return to the Hall!

David & Elayne back in action with their second outfit for the night!


Is there a specific english word for 交杯酒?


Mini Get-Together

Banquet is the time where we can meet relatives or perhaps see the whole family tree alive. This is hard to accomplished on a weekday. Quite a number were absent due to various reasons, with most related to work. What a pity!

Stir-fried Asparagus with Scallops

Cousin Jaime catches up with Great Aunt with her son and a glass of red wine in her hands

I'm biased. Another picture of Orlando.

Steamed Live Prawns

Quirky Second Aunt and her husband entertained us with their hilarious conversations

Grandma had glasses of Red Wine and liquor of high alcohol concentration. She gives the impression that she feels terrible and is rather drowsy. After the news of it spreads, everyone came over to express their concern. Cousin Jaime got a cup of hot tea to prep Grandma up. Talking about putting on a tough front, as Grandma drank without filling her stomach with some food beforehand. Wonder who sent her back.

Concerned about Grandma's semi-drunk state

Lotus Leaf Rice with Preserved Meat

Cousin Chantel with her child. I only know that he's "Or-nee-gu". That's why Chantel says when I asked her.

Chilled Mango Cream with Sago & Pomelo. The brown stain on the table cloth was due to me knocking over the saucer containing soya sauce.

Majority left after they finished the dessert. Only the parents of David and Elayne were at the entrance/exit to shake everybody’s hands and thank us for showing up? I saw Elayne asking the room key from David and left with a clothing in her hands. Weird eh.

Would appreciate it more if the couple could put in some effort in the invitation card and gifts, rather than relying on those supplied by the hotel.

Token of Gratitude - Handphone Strap

Token of Gratitude - Mini Photo Frame

Behind the glam scenes,

we did have some preparation prior to the day of the wedding banquet itself. Erm, Mom and Daughter feels vain whenever there are invited to events.

"Snow Whites"

Packaging of the masks that we applied

Garnier Light Perfect Fit & Relax Whitening Mask was brilliant! Stretch-fit allows the masks to fit on all kinds of faces. The masks itself is overfilled with whitening essence, which your hands can probably sensed it upon the retrieval of the mask from the package. I have oily skin and after using the mask, there’s shine on my face, especially around the forehead, T-area and the cheekbone region. No worries though, it’s back to normal again after you washed your face in the morning upon waking up.

This afternoon, Mom went to the Salon to dye and style her hair. I followed. Initially, I only wanted someone to blow-dry my hair. Then, the boss of the salon came, saying it’s better if I straighten my hair. Hmmm. Why not? I regretted the very moment the styling of hair starts. Boss started her sweet revenge by exerting all her force and with all her might, pull the flat iron across my strands of hair. Scalp detects the pain. My head was moving in the same direction as the hair strands were “ironed out”. Shall talk more about the cause for the boss’s revenge next time.

Flat Iron with Ceramic Plates

The process was bad. The result? Pretty good though I must admit that my hair’s condition will deteriorate faster after being treated so roughly and at such a high temperature. My hair was fuming. I’ve got about tens of strands of hair on the floor.

And the new employee in the Salon kpo upon seeing me taking a picture of the “killing tool”. “You want to buy it?” She continue to tell me more about their “trade-secrets”. According to her, professional hairstylists are invited to semi-annual hair events in Johor, Malaysia. At the event, they can purchase the equipment at less than half the original price. Sounds good. Only IF I could get in and get the best deals…

First attempt at dressing like a woman

What I had on me is a Shockwave blouse that I got during a sale for $17.90. Necklace with ribbon pendant from The Little Things She Needs @ $13.90. Black sarafine thighs from Uniqlo @ $19.90 (Special offer price) . The styling of hair costs me $10.

This was of stark difference to what I have been wearing to the previous wedding banquets of my cousins. Furthermore, I can now walk in confidence in flats, and perhaps in heels given that I have found a good solution to prevent my heels from being cut by the footwear. Plasters! Not the usual one. It’s more like cloth.

That’s all for this post! If there’s anything that I can improve on, please leave your comment.


On this joyous occasion, our parents

Mr & Mrs Ong Toh Soo and Mr & Mrs Kwong Siew Hong

together with us

David & Elayne

warmly invite

(Your name)

to our wedding banquet on

Thursday, 16th September 2010

at York Hotel Singapore

Carlton Hall (Level 2)

21 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore 228516

(Behind Goodwood Park Hotel)


2 thoughts on “Wedding banquet @ York Hotel

  1. eek. y need put email to post.
    anyway, CHIO BU!
    dress like this to school and u are on ur way to having a bf. XD
    i love ur hair and bangs, esp the bangs! i have a thing for bangs i guess.
    the wedding gift look not bad ah.

    • Erm, I see if anything can be done regarding the need to enter your e-mail address.
      Thank you! Hehe. Nut it’s very troublesome lo. Had a hard time with leggings.
      Cut bangs when A’s are over?
      The handphone strap is better than the photo frame.

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