Extending the Local Area Network (LAN)

Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival in 5 days’ time. Have you created a shopping list and shopped for every item listed on the list? Mooncakes, pomelo, tea leaves, yam, the “ox-horn” shaped thingy etc. Or if you have kids, a paper-made or battery-operated plastic lantern?

Did you know that Resort World Sentosa is working with Sheng Siong Supermarket for advertising purpose? I’m unsure if it’s the case in each and every Sheng Siong outlet but it’s happening in that particular outlet that is located near my house.

The plastic carrier

Tagged along with my mom to do some grocery shopping at Sheng Siong. This is when I saw an auntie, pushing a trolley with a carrier (as shown above). Initially, I thought she might have visited RWS, shopped there, and is recycling the bag by using it for other purpose. Or maybe it was an attempt to show-off? I was wrong. When we were about to pay for the items chosen, we were presented with one. Each counter had a basket full of it.

The cashiers must have hated it as they are required to scan the bar code that was printed on a piece of paper whenever one is given out.

See the line? "7. Lantern (FOC) 0.00"

In short, the mode of advertising was to give out free lanterns with printed images of the RWS logo and the Voyage De La Vie image to customers when they check-out at the counters. It suits the festive season and furthermore, it’s free! Which really touches the heart of every Singaporean.

A paper lantern, wooden stick, candle holder cum support frame and candle.

Lantern as decoration for Mid-Autumn Festival

Unlike Marina Bay Sands, RWS is really doing everything it can to win the hearts of local commoners.


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