The Shock Labyrinth: House of Horrors 戦慄迷宮 3D

Poster of The Shock Labyrinth: House of Horrors 3D

The trailer of The Shock Labyrinth: House of Horrors 3D was played before the start of a movie while I was about to watch a movie at Orchard Cineleisure months ago. It’s kind of scary. If you do not agree, then you are as brave as a lion whereas I am as timid as a mouse.

The film is shown in Singapore from 16 September 2010 onwards.

Cathay's Offer - 3D movie with free flow of popcorn and coke at $19 only

Did anyone spend that $19? Reckon that you were mislead by the trailer? No doubt. I, another gundu, also took up the bait. All because of that false impression created by the trailer. Luckily for me, I didn’t waste any money. This is where Tudou comes in. (Heck cares if it’s 3D or not) *cackles*

The movie was inspired by the Labyrinth of Horrors attraction at Fuji-Q High Land amusement park, near the base of Mount Fuji. Labyrinth of Horrors is ranked No.2 in the Attraction Top 10 list. However, the attraction (aka the setting of the movie) did not appear as frightening as described to be and to make it worse, it doesn’t look like a labyrinth! It’s just the stairs, the reception of the hospital etc.

Would anyone be kind enough to remind me how Hayashi died? Among the crew, Takashima Rin, portrayed by Maeda Ai, is my favorite. Toyama Yuki (by Renbutsu Misako) is so unfair! Shouldn’t she kill Kawashima Ken (by Yagira Yuya) first? For it was him who promise to hold her hand! Why did he survive instead? Unfortunate Rin, Hayashi Motoki (by Katsuji Ryo) and Takashima Miyu (by Mizuno Erina). By the way, Yuki lacks creative juices. Why is it that everyone has to die in the same way as her? (Seriously, was she dead in the fun fair years ago in the movie?)

The creepy atmosphere is constantly there and makes you wonder if anything will pop out from any corner to scare you. Yet, it always turns out to be something that will only cause kids to start crying for moms. We want real horror!

If you are a scaredy cat yourself, don’t be a hero and tell the girl that you will look after her. That’s basically what Ken did. In a nutshell, we should take promises made as a kid very lightly. Ridiculous of Yuki to make this the reason for revenge. Duh~

There is news that the Director of this horrid flick is already in the midst of preparing a Rabbit Horror 3D film based on Alice in Wonderland for screening in Year 2011. Read the article Takashi Shimizu already filming ‘Rabbit Horror 3D’. A clever person knows better than to watch this. Just by reading the story is enough to “scare” anyone.

I laugh my head off for this one.

Ju-on isn’t that chilling right? I have watched that too.

Sigh~ Only if I have the guts to watch a real horror movie…


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