Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad 東京鐵塔:老媽和我,有時還有老爸

For this September, Okto‘s FilmArt brings viewers the Japanese Showcase. Due to preparation for the main examinations, I had to forgo “School Days with a Pig” and “Dive!!”.

Poster of Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad

But hey, I wasn’t going to miss this week’s! 「東京タワー オカンとボクと、時々、オトン」 – a 2007 Japanese film based on an adaptation of Lily Franky‘s autobiography of the same title.

In spite of this, I failed to watch it on Sunday, 10 pm. As the Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society charity show is proving to be a powerful sleep medicine for me. The one and only solution was for me to catch it at my free time (which I did on the very next morning) on Tudou, which was brilliant with the support of the software named 飞速土豆.

Though it is 142 minutes long, it is not draggy. Sufficient to depict the lifetime of the Mother (Okan by Kirin Kiki) and interaction with her husband (by Kaoru Kobayashi) and son (by Joe Odagiri). The role of young okan was given to Yayako Uchida, the daughter of Kirin Kiki in real life, which explains the resemblance. What a unique casting!

Like others who have watched the film, I cried my way throughout the 2 hours. Puffy eyes. Joji Matsuoka’s way of handling the movie was superb. By having flashbacks at different points, it helps to account for the characteristics of the characters. Which is livelier as compared to having a whole chunk of history at the beginning.

Cheers to Okan! かわいいですね。Her thinking, speech and actions were uncommon as compared to mothers living in that particular era. And Boku. He has the aura.

Tokyo Tower was the object of reference in this movie. I have been there when I was Primary 4. Besides the astounding view, there are counters selling souvenir if I didn’t remember it wrongly. It was a fun yet lengthy experience to take the lift to the top level with other tourist.

This film enlightens us as to how noble a mother’s love can be. Suitable for viewing on Mother’s day (despite that fact that Okan died in the end).

*sob sob*

Side effects: Hyperactive tear duct


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