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Steve Jobs holding on to an iPad

iPad is announced by Apple Inc. on January 27, 2010 and later released on April 2010. Within the first few days after the iPad’s announcement, some media and many online commenters criticized the name “iPad”, due to its similarity to “pad”, the common name for a sanitary napkin.

However, I’m not focusing on iPad in this post.

After visiting Bright Hill Mountain to pay respect to my late grandmother, uncle and aunt (maternal side), Mom and I flagged a cab and head straight to AMK Hub.

Before entering NTUC Foodfare at Level 3 for lunch, there is an urgent need to relieve myself. Guess I have had too much water earlier at home. Inside the cubicle, I overheard my mom talking to someone else. Sanitary pads? What a weird topic to chat about.

Okay, the scenario is that we have 2 female tourists (mom-daughter relationship) from Hong Kong, Republic of China. I deduced it from their Cantonese accent and that they don’t look or sound like locals. Daughter had her menses which she didn’t expect it to happen so soon. Oops! No pads to offer in the view of the fact that I didn’t bring my Puma sling bag today. Mom always harp on the importance of having at least 1 sanitary pad on the go. Only applicable to females! In the process, we encountered difficulty in communication. They cannot understand and converse in proper Chinese. Mom can understand what others speak in Cantonese but cannot reply in proper sentences. I’m worse, only know how to say 1 to 10 and some phrases in Cantonese

Mom asked me to lead them to a pharmacy which sells pads. I thought of a pharmacy, Guardian or Watsons? To be frank, I’m not familiar with AMK Hub, this is only my 3rd visit since its opening in year 2007. From level 3, the three of us took escalators to each level, where I’ll stop and have a look at the directory to see if there’s pharmacy at that particular level. It continues until level 1 where suddenly the girl says “快点啊! 很大!” (“Faster! Very big!) which means that she is experiencing high flow. We need to speed up!

At B1, I asked quite a number of shopkeepers for directions. Everyone replied Basement 2 when questioned. Phew! Thank goodness! The Living Pharmacy by Unity NTUC Healthcare at #B2-21 to 25! Limited choices though. Only Whisper.

Mission accomplished! Bade goodbye to them and off I go.

P.S. I checked the AMK Hub website, under shop directory, Watsons is located at #B1-39/40/41

Point to consider, should we have coin-operated sanitary pad dispenser or vending machine selling pads in or near public toilets?

Vending machine selling sanitary pads and pantyhose in Japan

Coin-operated condom, toothpaste with toothbrush or sanitary pad dispensers in Bangkok.

Or in a vending machine that sells tibits? See this photo.

Tampons or chocolate? Comic at cartoonstock.com

That daughter complained about the lack of such dispenser in the toilet. On the other hand, a check on the National Environment Agency‘s site will tell you that such dispensers are not a must.

Taken from the National Environment Agency’s website:

“2.5 Accessories To Be Provided
* Liquid soap or foam soap dispenser
One soap dispenser shall be provided for every two wash hand basins, subject to a minimum of one. The dispenser shall be positioned near to the basins. The dispenser shall have a transparent window so that the level of soap in the dispenser is clearly visible.”

Should we make it mandatory to have these machines in toilets? So that female tourists will love Singapore more for being so caring and thoughtful? Shopping malls can actually publicize it as one of the services provided, like what Kobe-Sanda Premium Outlets did, refer to http://www.premiumoutlets.co.jp/en/kobesanda/service/, under “Automatic Vending Machines”.

Stumbled across one community portal which says that Jurong Point has one. My ex-secondary school, Tanjong Katong Girls’ also has one in almost every girls’ toilet. 60 cents for 2 Laurier Soft Care Extra Comfort Slim (Non-Wing) .


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