Say Cheese! at RWS


Flowering Signs


If you are a Singaporean who cannot afford or feels the pinch upon the mention of casino levy/barred from the casino/is not of age to enter the casino yet and/or is not willing to fork out the exorbitant amount of money to pay for the cheapest admission ticket in the world to the Universal Studios, it does not mean that it is not worth it to spend a little on transportation to visit Resort World Sentosa.

Don’t splurge on those meaningless souvenirs. Curb your urge.

If you fancy mementos, how about taking photos? Either you buy batteries or spend some electrical fees to charge your digital camera’s lithium battery. That’s the amount of investment required.

Outside, inside and walk to 1, 2, 3, …, or all 6 hotels. The good news is, there’s plenty of photo-taking spots. Be it artistic or pure cuteness.


Universal Globe



Human-sized Hershey Chocolate Syrup Bottle



"Azul" Romero Britto 1963 - 罗梅罗。布里托



"For You" Romero Britto 1963 - 全心为你 罗梅罗。布里托



"Le Penseur - The Thinker" Auguste Rodin 1840 - 1917 沉思者 奥古斯特。罗丹



"Space Elephant" Salvador Dali 1904 - 1989 太空象 萨尔瓦多。达利



"Adam & Eve" Fernando Botero 1932 - 亚当与夏娃 费尔南多。波特罗


There are plenty of statues to take photos with outside Candylicious. It’s been told that their candy are shy, so no photography is allowed in the store. As usual, loopholes are present, such as using smart phones with embedded camera to take pictures and minimize the actions and commotion associated with photo-taking.

Official M&M’s page here.


Blue & Red



Yellow & Green waiting for you



Hershey's & Reese's Milk Chocolate



Get a 3203 3 feet Peeps Plush (Yellow) at $659 at Candylicious.






Jelly Beans



Candylicious' own chocolate bar - eat happy



Cup of candylicious goodies


Backgrounds! That is provided if you do not want other objects to share the limelight.


Is this what you always wanted to say? There's a few besides this.



I doubt the shopkeepers would mind you standing at their entrance for a shot.



Entrance of Universal Studio. Reminds you of Turf City?



Houses that only exist in fairytales



Dress up as a Mr.Monopoly?



Breathtaking blue




Crockfords Tower



Luxury Fashion at the Galleria



Or be a one-time crew of Voyage de la Vie at Festive Grand?




Water feature



Livewire with Crytal Jade Fortune Delights offering bites at prices as low as $1!



Mathematical Set - Compass-like structure


There are certainly more waiting to be discovered by you. Don’t hesitate anymore!

P.S. The rain spoil my day! Happy Children’s Day in advance!


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