Expensive yet uncool jingle?

“Train is coming. Train is coming. Train is coming. Please start queuing. Love your ride~”

Does it ring a bell? Like it or hate it, it is the 7-second jingle by the Dim Sum Dollies which is played before the train approaches the station. This is part of Public Transport Council’s  “Love Your Ride!” campaign that was launched in the week beginning September 13.  Together with posters, this campaign serves to educate (or rather, remind) the public to be gracious by queuing up, allowing others to alight before boarding the train and giving up seats to those who need it more.

I agree with the content of Shasikala Kalai Silvan’s letter to the Voices published on Weekend Today, September 25-26, titled “Goodness gracious? – Campaigns to promote graciousness will not work”. It is really unacceptable to spend $400,000 for the posters, music video and jingle. The authorities should not rely on such campaigns to tackle the problem as it has long proven to be ineffective. Commuters are no longer receptive to such educating materials. What they should do is to work on the Civics & Moral education that is taught as part of the curriculum in schools. WORK ON IT and stop teachers from using it as make-up for other subjects. Also, parents should be  good role models to their children. As the simple logic goes, “Monkey see, monkey do.”

On the other hand, I personally love the 7-seconds jingle. For those who don’t approve of it, don’t try to argue and drown me with words. Singapore is a democratic country whereby everyone has the right to like or dislike something. With reference to the Column section, David Fuhrmann-Lim’s  “Jingle hell – Why is it that every time S’pore tries to be cool, we take two Croc-steps back?” published on Weekend Today,  September 18-19, is the jingle so bloody uncool? Doesn’t it have the wake-you-up effect? Or helps to bring a smile on your face? Nothing at all? Where’s your inner child?

I am going to stand by my decision, which is to support the jingle’s existence! Only referring to the jingle. You get my meaning.


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