Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP)

Finally! When I opened the mailbox yesterday afternoon as per normal, I found a thick document lying there. A glance at it. A~ Long awaited news.

Housing Development Board (HDB) and the design consultants have completed the preliminary design proposals for the precinct that I am in. A mini exhibition to provide residents with a better understanding of the LUP and the design proposal will be held this weekend, 9 & 10 October 2010, from 9 am to 5 pm. HDB staff and the design consultants will be at the exhibition site to answer questions and collect feedback.

For LUP to be implemented in the block, each apartment block must get 75% “Yes” votes from the benefiting Singapore Citizen flat owners who are eligible to vote. The working committee is conducting a survey for opinions and feedback before proceeding with the actual poll. Survey form are to be completed and returned by 31 October 2010.


Partially completed survey form


For the block that I’m in, 2 new lifts (A1 & A2) and lift shafts will be added to serve every storey. The estimated amount to be paid by individual households & Town Council for the block that I’m in is $1350 (for Singapore citizens living in a particular type of flat). The final amount will only be determined upon the completion of the lift upgrading works. It is heavily subsidized and flat owners with financial difficulty will be given special financial assistance in the form of installments. The sum will be bear by 3 groups, namely the Singapore Citizens Households & Town Council, Government and Singapore Permanent Citizens, with the third paying the highest among all.

I’ve had a hard time trying to understand the legend and the design hence it’s a pity that I can’t attend the mini exhibition. Gotta bear with the noise and dusts that it brings. Looking forward to its completion, maybe it’s the beginning that i ought to look forward to. Fingers X!

P.S. Oops. Where is the letterbox marked “Survey Form for LUP” at my block?


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