hai ngày (Day 2)

Good morning! 10-10-10!

Terence-さんはばかです! The previous night, he and Uncle Tiong said that we are supposed to meet at 5 am (local time) today for breakfast as according to Uncle Tiong, the morning market will cease operation near 10 am. (Is it true?) None of us (my parents and I) had adequate sleep and Mom had to consume Panadol.

It’s raining again. Uncle Tiong is late again. We are waiting again.

Meanwhile, the 3 of us make observations about the street that we are on.

Road construction. May they pave the road quickly and make it even.

Besides motorcycles that travel like flocks of birds on the road, there are also farmers who earn their keep by cycling all the way from from the rural areas to the market to sell their produce. The produce includes big juicy cherries, tomatoes, bitter gourd etc and firewood chopped from the trees.

Other than traveling on one’s motorbike to work, there are people, mainly guys, making a living with their bikes. A more dangerous form of transport as compared to taking a cab. You ought to see how they travel on roads.

Want a ride? I do charge.

My family, together with Terence and his escort, hailed a cab and indicated to the driver that we wish to visit Bến Thành Market. The driver, who is capable of broken spoken English told us that the market will not be open till 10 am. So we decided to let him bring us to a place where we can have our breakfast.

Terence told the driver that his name was “Handsome”. I rebutted by saying, “If you are called Handsome or is Mr Handsome, then I AM MISS UNIVERSE!” *Laughs*

@ ROM BBQ. 2 different languages that do not mix, like oil and water, we resorted to pointing at the menu given. To play safe, we ordered 6 different set meals.

It's coffee-time!

The time taken for them to whip up the dishes was painstakingly slow. If you are hungry, feel free  to take the set that is served. First-come-first-serve basis? Reckon so. Willingly, I opted to be the last. And I am rewarded for my kind act, mine was the most nutritious

My breakfast for the day

Dad also bought fried wantons (the term is used based on the food item’s appearance) from the roadside stall just outside the restaurant that we were in. It turns out to be something fried with no fillings. Hmmm.. Very oily.

Back on the cab again. Taxi rides in Vietnam can lead to fatal heart attacks. Drivers, in an attempt to earn more money, will either alter the meter or let you have merry-go-round. We kanna the later. Among the 6, only the escort can converse in Vietnamese and she actually kept mum about it! DAMN!

Out of the blue, the driver says that the market is not open today (isn’t it opening at 10 am?!) I wonder what did the escort ordered him to do. Long trip. And we ended up at the temple that Terence is raring to pay a visit to. Looks like the escort does pay attention to his words. Thoughtful? Yes, provided that she pays the cab fare, which she did not. v_v

Small alley to get to the temple. For now, I’m okay with cyclists and pedestrians having to share the path in Singapore, because in that back alley, foreigners were busy avoiding motorcyclists vrooming in all directions. Worse than our cyclists.

Lining the alley are shops selling marinated edibles, fried tidbits, offerings (for those who are going to the temple to pray), souvenirs and unripe fruits!

Love Ice Kacang? And the attap seeds? Here's is it in its original form.

Its looks when it is first cut down from the trees.

Sincere devotees? Terence and his escort buying the necessities.

So far away. The entrance to the temple.

For anybody who is interested in going there to 拜拜, for your information, each person is supposed to take 21 joss sticks each and stick one in each and every 21 censers within the temple in sequence (there are numbers to indicate the sequence) A kind reminder would be for you to wear flip-flops? It would be inconvenient to wear covered footwear because one must remove footwear at some places. I wore sports shoes which was so troublesome. Heck.

A stone’s throw away is Uncle Tiong’s residence in Vietnam. When married women come together, they love to talk about home matters. It’s from there that I came to know that the house actually belongs to Uncle Tiong’s mother-in-law.

Uncle Tiong's wife at work

Excellent hosts serves well and bother to switch on the television for us. No thanks because we don’t understand Vietnamese. In Vietnam, foreign-language films and programs are dubbed on television, usually with just one voice actor. In addition, there is no dual sound function which allows you to choose your preferred language out of the two, but they give you the best of both worlds, you can hear both languages. Pathetic. Hence, it becomes a torture to watch Hong Kong and Korean dramas with the volume set at greater than 0. I rather watch mime play. Couldn’t that one voice actor be less monotone? I’ll fail her for oral exam! There’s rarely a guy voice. There’s also no subtitles.

Iced coffee. I prefer Penang's.

Freshly cut fruits with ice. Didn't have the guts to dip the powder.

Vietnam's version of Red Bull

Dogs are suppose to guard their house. However, one went missing, supposedly thought to be “kidnap” by someone else.

Their dog which has just give birth.

Work In Progress. Guess which animal this art and craft piece is.

Finished goods. Painted.

Uncle Tiong’s wife is managing the paper goods business. 拜拜的时候所需的金银纸。That animal that you have seen above is horse.

The shop, which forms part of the house.

What's wrong with this picture? The door mat is wrongly placed.

It’s sleeping time at the hotel again before we boarded ship 168 at the dock located in District 1 to have our dinner and also to enjoy the night scenery. Terence joked that Miss Universe shouldn’t snore when sleeping to prevent paparazzi from stealing that memorable shot. Dad had to tell him this piece of information out of all! Just you wait, Ham.

Live band

Waiter bisecting the fish for us

Kang Kang threatening me with a spoon

Ship is about to depart for a tour round the river

Dumb Terence didn’t realize that my camera was in Night scenery mode and started using it to take portraits of people. The end result? Blurry images.

Performer attracts the attention of all guys present with her figure, not the fire.

I’m fretting over my swollen gum. It’s not getting any better. Had to cut down on consumption because it’s really hard for my right side. Sigh.


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