ba ngày (Day 3)

Dad is average, not as short as you imagined him to be based on this photo. Presence of such contrast is because of Terence’s height. At a height of 1.9 metres, according to the most recent height and weight measurement, shows that he has grown yet another 2 cm! UNFAIR! But life’s fair in one way or another, he’s got a beer belly and weighs around 100 kg.


What does this mean? My bet is that motorbikes are banned from the market.


This morning, it’s time to try out the local breakfast! I’ve been staring and drooling at signboards with the word Pho (Vietnamese Rice Noodles) for days. Due to religious purpose, I’ve to abstain from beef, so I opted for Pho Ga (noodles served with chicken) instead of the usual Pho Bo (noodles served with beef). Though they are differences between pho from different parts in Vietnam, they don’t seem to apply in this case. Happy to see that there wasn’t too much veggies. Whee!


My Pho Ga. The cut chili spice it up!


Vietnam’s Satay. More like a kebab.


Porridge with you tiao


Neither is the Vietnamese Char Siew seasoned, nor accompanied with gravy. Yet it turns out to be more tender and refreshing.


Char Siew (chinese-flavoured barbequed meat)



Made from corn. Taste similar to our char kway but slightly harder.



The stall selling porridge



Shopping time!


Buy those pyjamas that Vietnamese women wear! No matter what your body contour is like, the free-sized pyjamas will fit you nicely and cover up your flaws, 避短扬长。Mom bought a set and it costs less than SGD 5.


2nd stop of the day: Dinh Doc Lap


The peculiar point regarding Dinh Doc Lap‘s website is that, the home page provides no linkage to the other pages. So, start navigating from the “Name of Palace” page.


Caucasian tourist taking a picture of the internal structure



Local tour guide brief the group on the history associated with the Palace



Bronze statue of Ho Chi Minh


To learn more about the administrative work associated with Vietnam War, do drop by the independence palace when you visit Vietnam.


Useless. No power as the plug is not inserted in to the socket, which is not detected anywhere around the kiosk.


Rain, rain, go away, come again another day…


Tank 390 and 843 from far, due to the rain.


Our second last stop for the day is the Cuchi Tunnel. It’s a 2 hour ride from the Palace. Main reasons are the traffic and the driver being unsure of the route. It’s lunchtime and everyone is hungry. Several pit stops en route to stock up our food supplies. Packets of tidbits, boxes of cakes, bottles of mineral water and packets of soya milk powder as no one bothered to bring the necessary servings required by Kang Kang.




In Vietnam, certain tourist attractions will charge tourists higher admission fees as compared to locals though this is currently undergoing changes to make it standard for all. $, $, $. Scrimp and save. 5 Singaporeans suddenly became mutes but FAILED.   The clever staff knew it.  Our acting skills are way below par. Nonetheless, a small gain? Cos they only demanded us to pay an extra adult ticket. *smirks*


Entrance to the Cuchi Tunnel


Small and short, the characteristic of Vietnamese, which worked in their favour during the days of the Vietnam War.


For those who are in process of slimming down, you may wish to use this as the target to work towards.



Some of the tunnels have been altered larger to accommodate some of the big sized western tourists.


The booby traps showcased instill a sense of alert and fear in me.


You will never fancy stepping on this patch of grass.



Surprise! 我插我插我插插插!



Sticking Trap



Clipping Armpit Trap



My favourtie - See-saw Trap



King of Fruits - Durian



Hole for ventilation purpose



Kang Kang: Daddy, I wanna go in!



Uncle Tiong trying out the M16 rifle. He resembles 夏雨 from this angle.


There is the AK 47 but it was not available for shooting on that day. Uncle Tiong pestered his wife to buy 10 bullets for him to test his prowess years after his days in the Army. Thanks to Terence for guidance on how to identify  successful shots.





Uncle Tiong as seamstress. Hmmm, I understand that he's a guy.



Terence buying slippers that is said to last for years at a low price of about SGD 3. Sounds like a worthwhile investment.


Then we had first-hand experience of how is it like to travel from one point to another via the tunnels. Tough job for the 1.9 m guy. My Chicken Little shirt had some yellow stains!! Ah!!

The group was treated with tapioca and tea after surviving the tunnel.


A picture of me with the guide, who can have basic conversations in a few languages. Should have turned off the flash.



Baguette with fillings



Vietnamese decoration. Cute?



Mobile cigarette vendor charges a higher price



Steamboat. I expected more sidedishes.


Restaurants in Vietnam are “fabulous”! They don’t serve you drinks asap. Wait, be patient.. What make me furious was that they forgotten about my OJ! Grrrr… The dishes, not very tasty. Small servings..

Swollen gum persists~


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