bốn ngày – cuối ngày (Day 4 – Last day)

Baguette for breakfast was bought from Kinh Do Bakery.

View from Room 405. The sky has been like this since our first day here. Gloomy. Gonna leave this country in a few hours' time.

Approaching the long awaited Ben Thiam Market! ^^

Busy haggling, looking forward to picking up a number of good bargains and therefore I let my camera have a rare moment of rest. Dad purchased 5 Nike/Adidas Dry-fits, for himself and his friend Uncle Teck. The first time that I see him shop for clothes himself. An out-of-this-world experience. :p

Mom bought this bag for Regina

I added 2 t-shirts to my wardrobe, a bape and iPho shirt. It’s really cheap but the exact price… I have give up when it comes to converting the price from VND to SGD, so many zeroes… 00,000

Street view. Walking.

Motor vehicles. Especially those motorcycles.

4 days in Vietnam make me treasure the roads and paths in Singapore. It’s safe to stroll without any fears of a vehicle whizzing past you in a blink of eye.

Motorists and cars ignore the white painted line which acts as the road divider and cut lane as they wish. Brazen motorists! Cars have to be on alert when they hit the road because of the need to sudden brake whenever a motorist pass by in front of them as if they are in fact, in a rush for time. 他们是“硬硬来”的。险象环生。How high is the chance of an accident happening in the roads of Vietnam? I love motorists in Taiwan! *flying kisses*

Initially, we wanted to have Chicken Rice for lunch but no one was in that shop despite the doors being wide open. Operating hours is stated as from 6 to 2 am, so is it 0600 or 1800? Ended up having to cover a few metres more to have the 猪肠粉。

Locals enjoying their breakfast. Looks delicious!

Menus in Vietnam with Vietnamese and English.

Unique! Chee Cheong Fun with Ham?!

Chwee Kuehs. Less firm than those in Singapore. I mistook bread crumbs for 猪油。

Red Bean Cake. The escort finished the two that was allocated to our table.

Puzzled. This is their Chrysanthemum Infusion.

Fish Maw Soup. Choke on the spicy peper.

Ee Mee, fried.

Full tummy to prevent hunger bangs on the flight back home. It’s not worth your money to eat on a Budget air flight. EXPENSIVE.

Parking space for motorbikes at the airport

Top: LCD TV, Bottom: Computer with Internet Access

Though the difference in departure time between Tiger Airways and JetStar Airways is only 25 minutes, arrival time in Singapore differed by an hour. Why?

3k 554. I felt like doing a star jump!

TR 2323

Waiting for take-off

Don't feel like having ham.

Bye to the landmasses of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


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