O’ Prize collection

Shop N Save TV Program: Smart Tips with Shop N Save Lucky Draw – Episode 1 (1 October 2010)

$50 Shop N Save vouchers
Collection period: 11 Oct – 11 Dec
Collection time:  Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays) 0830 – 1300 and 1330 – 1800

Giant – Head Office
21Tampines North Drive 2 #03-01
(Office Reception counter)
(Entrance near Giant Building Guard House)

The above are letter content. Thanks for choosing my message and making Mom a lucky winner out of the 5.

Putting on my thinking cap. Couldn’t they sent the vouchers via mail instead of the collection letter? Either option incurs postage fees! Worried that the letter may be intercepted, stolen or lost?

Meanwhile, I’ve won a pair of movie passes to Bestseller. Yet another thanks. To xinmsn.
Collection period: 13 to 29 October 2010
Time: 1000 to 1700 (Weekdays)
Venue: Mediacorp Reception
Caldecott Broadcast Centre
Andrew Road, Singapore 299939

Collection period that intersects. I can collect both prizes within the same day. Hectic but definitely worth the effort. Would anyone waste a day just to collect a prize? I rather cut down on the number of days wasted. The recommended route is to head to Mediacorp before going to Giant Tampines.

What’s wrong with me?~ Should have just settle for the long bus journey from Eunos to Mediacorp via bus 93. Instead, I went to Marymount via Circle Line and walked some distance before spotting the correct bus stop (opposite) and boarded bus 54. Alighted at the bus stop named “Opposite Mediacorp” but in front of me was actually Far East Flora Pte Ltd. Jia lat. Crossed the overhead bridge and cock-eyed me saw the Mediacorp direction board. Mediacorp ahoy!

Who knows. Screwed in a bid to cut down traveling time. I lengthen it and had a great workout in the process! Hiking. Unbelievable? Try it yourself! I passed by the Radio Gate, the TV Gate and whole lot of landed property, numerous taxis and cars, without seeing any stars or meeting any kind souls who would offer me a ride up the Caldecott hill. It exceeded 2.4 kilometres? No idea. Those humans inside the vehicle must have thought to themselves, “Poor girl, her rich relatives didn’t even bother sending her to the bus stop.” *sob sob* By the time I entered the Reception area and enjoyed the company of air-conditioners, I was drenched with sweat. Disgusting eh.

On my way out, I got my directions wrong again. My sense of direction would have cause my death, either due to starvation or climate changes, if I am a bird on my way home. U-turn, kanna block by 4 China people before I got to the bus stop and my heart sank after witnessing that bus 93 left.

Boarded bus 93. 是应该安分守己一点的。 Whole body was aching from the workout but that didn’t stop me from ringing the bell to stop at a bus stop near Raffles Institution, thinking that Marymount Station, once again, was only a stone throw away. It’s incredible that I’ve clinched an A2 for my O levels’ Core Geography. Ended up boarding a bus which sends me to Bishan MRT Station. Bishan (Circle Line) → Paya Lebar → Tampines (East-West Line)

The shuttle bus took forever to arrive, I am glad to have my ear piece with me. Listening to songs which helps kill my boredom.

初めまして。Had to confirm the exact location with a security guard before making my way in. The letter advised me to look for Person-in-charge, Tina from the Marcom Team. Her colleague handled my case because Tina wasn’t in the house. I had to sign and show her my identity card because I was running this errand on behalf of my mom. She even ask me to verify that there was in fact 5 $10 vouchers.

Back to the waiting area, checking out the timetable of those shuttle bus and benefited from the water coolers stationed there. It arrived shortly after. Saw my crush in school get off at IKEA. I wished I could tag along (shadow him) but I AM EXHAUSTED. Let me clarify, we do not know each other. Haha.

A prize-picking trip that took 4.5 hours due to my pea-sized brain.


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