Bestseller 베스트셀러

Korean Thriller/ Horror, 118 minutes

In my opinion, this movie, titled “Bestseller”, could become one if it is shown beyond the boundaries of GV-exclusive. Although, attendance in cinemas may be affected by the film’s presence on Tudou.

Exchanging for 2 complimentary tickets with this 2 movie passes from xinmsn

After handling some administrative work at Tampines, Mom and I went to GV Tampines to catch the 1130 show. However, we missed the first 10 minutes (which we eventually did with the help of Tudou)

Korean drama is like a lullaby before bedtime to me. Draggy and easily stereotyped. In spite of this, do not impose that idea on this brilliant movie with no idols, be it young chicks or muscular dudes.

It does not really fulfill the criteria of a horror flick, so its  genre should be more aptly described as thriller. This is a story that ends similar to how it started. 冤有头,债有主。(this is an obvious spoiler)

The story line of a bestselling author committing the act of plagiarism leads to the underlying story line of a murder committed years ago by youngsters over puppy love? An attempt by 3 outstanding guys out of the 4 to cover up their crime and protect the “perfect life” that they are currently leading and destroy all evidence actually makes everything clear to the author. With the author stepping on their toes, they start to kill each other just because each of them threatens/is afraid that the secret will be exposed.And you see how a father’s love for his son and friends actually leads to more wrongdoings and despite these, he refused to admit his mistakes.

The author’s mental problems, together with a mother who is anxious to find her missing daughter. Seoul, broken leg, hairdryer…

You get to hear the creaking of doors opening, the protagonist’s screaming, witness the dead with their eyes wide open and blood all around and on them. Not forgetting the actions that will get your heart pumping and adrenaline rush. Wouldn’t deny that it is somewhat boring in between with big, gorging eyes staring everywhere, with fake horror that raises your expectations at first with the intense background music and duh~ nothing at all.

Timid? It suits you. The majority in the tiny Hall 8 were students in their respective school uniforms. 4 girls sitting in the row in front of me looks as if they were testing their tolerance of shocks and scares with this movie? 2 of them looked brave with the other 2 holding up their popcorn, tidbits and drinks whenever they think that something is going to pop out of the big screen. I was entertained by those bimbos. “Ah!” Though I dislike them discussing the movie and what is coming up, distracting me from my movie.

Watching this flick because of Uhm Jung Hwa? Mom supports her acting though I’ll say if there is someone more capable, then they should get her replaced because Uhm seems unable to carry herself well in some small parts.

The twists is worth the ticket price. Show your support at the cinemas if allowance permits. If not, well, Tudou will be the place to drop by. I’m not encouraging piracy here.


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