Where is IMSG?

An e-mail from Dean Johari, the Senior Account Manager of IMSG.

Won the K-ON!! Original Sound Track Vol. 2 (by Hajime Hyakkoku) in the recent readers’ giveaway contest in Lianhe Zaobao zbNOW, courtesy of ANIMAX (StarHub TV ch 532).

Got invited to collect the prize at
Integrated Marketing Solutions Group Pte Ltd
No. 3, Jalan Kuning (Chip Bee Gardens, off Taman Warna road, near Holland Village)
Singapore 278149 (Map)
Tel: 6475 8368

between 10th November 2010 – 30th November 2010, 10am – 12noon & 2pm – 5.30pm

A search using Insing.com reveals that the nearest MRT Station was Buona Vista. Took Bus 95 at Bus stop 2 (follow the signboards in the station and you shall know where is this bus stop 2 that I am referring to)

The chubby bus driver gave good advice, which was to alight 2 stops away. His eyes were sharp enough to spot the Warna Road sign a stone throw away.

Make a fool of myself when I failed to decipher the address accurately because I kept thinking that it was a building instead of a landed property. Call IMSG twice for directions before reaching. The person actually open the door for me without me knocking. *embarrassed*

If you are also cracking you skull as to how to get there, here’s a guide. (The shop owners at Chip Bee Gardens do not have a clue as to the exact location of Jalan Kuning)

Alight at the bus stop "Holland Ave Blk 12" and walk up to the road junction in front of Holland Road Shopping Centre. Cross the road to the opposite side.

Opposite to Holland Road Shopping Centre is Chip Bee Gardens (a street of shops). Walk straight and pass by this Chip Bee Gardens.

Continue to head straight till you spot this sign and turn right.

No. 3. This is IMSG.

Further in, you will find that this place is pretty quiet. While I was finding my way to this white house, I only passed by a few vehicles and a maid who was walking her owner’s dog. If you are a girl and needs to come here to pick up some goodies (there’s a hamper, bags of Brands’ products and many others at a corner of the workplace), how about asking someone to accompany you? Mom gave me a good lecture after seeing how quiet the surrounding is, the numerous pairs of shoes at the porch and with only guys inside the house. Do they stay here, or report to work here on a daily basis?

P.S. Inside Holland Road Shopping Centre, there is a Cold Storage Holland Village, housing a small outlet of Swiss Bake. Their Cranberry Bun is out of this world! Fluffy and not too sweet. Do give it a try!

Busy girl has yet to play the soundtrack.


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