Salonpas @ Nuffnang

Read the following sentences.

“You have won a Salonpas sample pack!”
“You have been chosen to receive Sample pack of 5 Salonpas!”

I am not complaining about the product description. It’s just that the 2 sentences have very different meanings. The first sentence was the title of the e-mail that I have received. As for the second sentence, it’s taken from the content.

It’s because of this tweet, that I clicked on the link and left a comment with regards to Salonpas. At first, I thought the sample would be sent to me via post. Well, it didn’t.

Collection period:
22nd Nov 2010 to 31st Dec 2010,
Mon – Fri (excluding weekends and public holidays)
Time: 11am – 6pm (Please avoid lunch time 1pm – 3pm)

Nuffnang Singapore Office
38 Kinta Road
Singapore 219107
Tel: 6297 5992

And the instructions by Mr. Yuan was to message or call him to inform before collection. This is something unique, which I have never encountered in my past collecting experience.

Directions (3 mins walk)
1. Alight at Farrer Park MRT Station
2. Exit from Exit F
3. Turn right after going up the escalator
4. Turn left at the pavement and cross Roberts Lane
5. Walk straight and turn left into Kinta Road (after you see Jade of India Restaurant)
6. Our building is the 3rd building down the lane J

I love the fact that they actually bothered to give specific instructions, add a picture of the building that they are in and a  map! It really helps for someone who has never been there before. The building stands out from it’s peers. Drop by there to have a look and you shall get what I meant by that.

This is how the building looks like


Nuffnang Singapore is taking up one of the units in that particular building. Enter the unit no. on the machine and call. Talk to the owner before the glass door opens itself for you. Security.

Cosy workplace! I was greeted by a lady, who was waiting by the door. I was greeted by her outside the unit, filled up a form as required and it’s done!

Am I the very first to pick up the sample? I went on the first day, at noon. 😉

1 sample pack contains:
1 Salonsip Gel Patch
1 Salonpas 30
1 Salonpas
1 Salonpas Pain Relief Patch
1 Salonpas-HI

Sample pack of 5 Salonpas

Few days after I have collected the sample, I received yet another e-mail.

“… You can choose to send a postage affixed envelope to me (38 Kinta Road #02-03 Singapore 219107), complete with your full address
For the Salonpas pack, a normal sized envelope with about $0.50 stamp should do fine.
Do let me know.

Note: We are away for a company trip from 6 December – 10 December [Monday to Friday]. During that period, the entire office is shutdown and we may not have access to the telephone or the internet as we’ll be in the middle of the ocean.
Let us know if you need anything – proposals, campaign launch, interim reports etc — before 3 December [Friday]. We will be back to work on the following Monday, 13 December. ”

Hmmm. Should I be happy or sad?

You have won a Salonpas sample pack!‏


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