Christmas – Time for presents!

25 Dec 2010 is Christmas Day. And coincidentally, it turns out that my late aunt’s death anniversary also falls on Dec 25 this year.

This morning was a visit (together with Mom) to Bright Hill Mt, dedicated to my aunt. Also, a late Winter Solstice for my late maternal grandma, uncle and aunt. So came my uncle and my cousins.

QP gave me 3 nougats and Belgium chocolates from YS. Kinda disappointed them (which I reckon) because I forgotten about the gifts whilst busy preparing for today’s offerings.

Sweets from cousins

Aunt Emily called at around 11 plus in the morning, but it’s obvious that the Ong family made a wasted trip. It’s good to develop the habit of giving a call before visiting. Though it’s fun to spring a surprise visit for someone, it can be rather bad if the door is locked and no one is at home. They are at my house to pass me my Christmas present, I knew it, this has been the case for almost a decade.

I appreciate the effort and thought. They make another trip in the afternoon. Well, this time, Uncle Johnny rang my house telephone to seek assurance that someone was physically at home.

"Candy" from the Ong family

It’s Christmas! Without hesitation, I removed the golden-colored metal wires and ripped the candy open. A Slurping Ape shirt! (Visit their website here.)

Wearing and showcasing my A Slurping Ape shirt!

I, the recipient of these gifts, says “thank you!” for the presents!

More presents waiting for me.. That’s when school reopens next year. It may sound far but it doesn’t.

P.S. Oops! So, here’s a short update. How could i forget to thank my tertiary friends for their cards and handwritten message!  One even sent a handmade card! Also, I wonder how was the Christmas party at Cousin HH’s house last night? Aww.

Here’s wishing you, a MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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