Active Aging Carnival / 50plus Expo 2011

Events held in Suntec Convention Centre on 2 April 2011:

  • MOE EXCEL Fest 2011
  • 50plus Expo 2011
  • Active Ageing Carnival 2011
  • It’s A Deal Show
  • The Apparel, Bags, Shoes, Perfumes and Cosmetics Sale
  • Chanel, Prada, Coach & Kate Spade Sale

Not in the mood for shopping. For the sake of Mom and as well as satisfying my own curiosity about the event cum exhibition, we headed for the 50plus Expo 2011 and Active Ageing Carnival 2011.

To avoid the lunchtime crowd, we had a quick lunch at the Food Republic, where we met many students in their respective school uniforms. A check at the events schedule make things clear, the MOE Excel Fest. Parents were spotted carrying colorful reusable bags.

Booths at Level 3

Active Ageing Carnival were held at both Level 1 and 3. At Level 1, there is Physical Fun (with Kangoo Jumps and Gyro Exerciser) and Elementary Obstacle Course for the adventurous elders.

50plus Expo 2011 is held at Level4, Hall 401-403.

Collect 3 stamps from 3 booths of different categories at Level 3 and exchange it at the Redemption Counter for an Orange sling bag.

I was put off by the staff at Booth No. 13  Craft-It-Yourself. The short-hair lady with glasses, if you do not like others to ask the same question repeatedly as to whether they can join, you could have placed a sign to indicate that the booth attendees are currently having their lunch break. I don’t like the way you speak and the attitude that you had. Couldn’t you decide to have a duty roster so that the booth can continue to be open to visitors who are interested? The other booths do not have any problem with that. Disappointed.

At Level 3, categories of activities include Arts & Crafts, Exercise, Games, Photography, Information Technology (IT) and Nurture Your Mind.

Mom participated in a few of them, namely Medalist Darts, Photography and basic workout with instruments at the Workout Zone. She’s got 111 points with 3 chances to throw darts at the board. Pretty good results for a beginner?

The halls are divided into 5 main zones, which are Celebrate Zone, Energise Zone, Rejuvenate Zone ‘My Life, My Home’ Zone and Inspire Zone. And within each zone, there is a pavilion of the same theme.

There is the main stage which has got stage programmes and public forums lined up for those who are tired of walking and taking a rest around the stage area.

On the Main Stage is host Danny Yeo. Behind him are assistants who getting ready for the 1330 stage programme when they will present 'Fun Baking with Chef Siti Mastura.

Cooking demostration by Violet Oon, using AMC Cookware.

She demonstrates how to whip up healthy yet tasty local dishes. Teaching audiences 3 dishes per demonstration. I have the honour to see her cook Kacang Panjang Masak Rempah Titek, Penang Assam Laksa and Udang Goreng Chilli.

It was also an excellent platform to promote her cooking classes, offering discounts for those who have been to the 50+ Carnival.

Close-up of Violet Oon

One serving of Udang Goreng Chilli. Succulent and spicy!

As for the other 2 dishes… I’m not as rough as others to knock down those blocking my way in order to get those garnishes and ingredients. When I get there, everything’s gone. Just the bee hoon and gravy. The long beans… Argh… Forget it! Singaporeans are terrible when it comes to free food! But I believe there are still gracious people out there…

Recipes for the next cooking demonstration at 1800 were wipe out. Pure greed or what?

The event was a fruitful one. It would have been better if it was more considerate of the environment. Brochures can be  placed on the table at the booths to allow visitors to take only if they wish to. What’s the use of placing them in reusable bags and giving visitors plenty of it?  Not forgetting the air-conditioning , it’s so cold that we had to run before we freeze. Couldn’t you increase the temperature to 25 degree celsius?

For more information with regards to this year’s 50plus Expo held at Suntec Singapore, Hall 401-403 from 1-3 April 2011, visit


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