Changi Rewards

The Changi Rewards programme was first launched in 13 March 2010. When I heard news of it, I went online and applied for it immediately. Also, I printed the confirmation slip and was intending to pick it up should I go to Changi Airport in the near future.

However, before the chance ever came, I received an SMS notification from Changi Airport, saying the card application was not approved as I was below the minimum required age of either 20 or 21. (Couldn’t remember the exact number as I’ve already deleted the message and it happened too long ago) Disappointed, I threw away the confirmation slip and forget the entire incident.

Almost a year later…

SMS from ChangiA’prt received on 15 Apr 2011 at 1143:
“Win iPhone 4 by shopping at Changi Airport! Your Changi Rewards card’s ready for collection@T3, B2 frm 12pm-10pm. Original ID required. UNSUB, SMS R3 to 81681948”

Is it an authentic notification? Or is it a prank? The questions keep popping up in my head. Then, I asked Mom, should I go and collect it? She urged me to, as she wanted to have a walk around the airport.

True enough, there was a Changi Rewards counter at Terminal 3, Basement 2, opposite to FairPrice. Two queues, one for the redemption of vouchers and the other is for the application/collection of the card.

After collecting it, Mom & I went on a shopping spree and chalked up 90 points for my card. If you know what that means, just be mum about it.

For more information about Changi Rewards and/or to apply, visit the Changi Rewards 2011 site.

P.S.  Top bun of McD’s Fillet-o-fish is not to my liking despite the fact that it is one-for-one if you present the image.


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