Singapore Food Expo 2011

Singapore Food Expo 2011
Singapore Expo Hall 5
27 May – 31 May 2011
1100hrs – 2200hrs

It is the largest exhibition for the local food industries, held annually.

With the best offers from majority of the exhibitors, it attracted huge crowds, though not as packed as compared to the IT show. Had to squeeze my way through the crowd. Advised to visit it during weekdays.

No big difference from the past years, except for…

Free claypot! Sounds unbelievable. Had to confirm it by walking nearer to the stall and queue for it.

“Free claypot” was a good sales tactic employed by Select Catering Services Pte. Ltd. as it caught the attention of many of those who were present and all their counters had long queues!

After consumption, people were seen packing the clay pots home.

Not wanting to be left out, I bought two, for Mom & I. Kinda regretted though, cos’ the two clay pots were so heavy. The dish itself was delectable though the seasoning seems to be not of precision.

Claypot Chicken and Mushrooms Rice. Serving was adequate, together with the clay pot, it only costs $3.50!

Is it greed? Carrying bags of goodies do have its impact. Went to take a seat at the Center stage area, where plenty of chairs are. Then, I heard a familiar voice, is that 黄文鸿?

Oops, it’s his colleague 江坚文 instead. Uncanny resemblance! Vocal-wise.

1400-1600 Fun with UFM100.3

Propaganda time by the DJs for their station. The pair went on to demo a few segments which can be found in their show, Knock-off Tornado.

DJs 江坚文 & 叶丽梅 on stage

They played a game, similar to those seen in Taiwanese variety shows years ago, whereby foreigners put on headphones and they are asked to sing those Chinese songs they’ve heard and the listeners are supposed to guess the song title. Remember?

I have no idea what’s got into me but I actually raised my hands when a girl guessed wrongly. The DJs’ hint: Show’s song. Girl then guessed “Party (something)” and it was wrong. DJs went on to give another hint, this song has a music video with many stars featured in it. It starts to make sense!

Ta-da! My prize for getting it right!
Two $5 vouchers

Back in my seat, hands  were shaking in ____. I have yet to fill in the blanks. Stage fright?

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