Final Destination

The Smurfs may be CUTE! but the storyline is boring. *yawns*  Since the group is splitting to watch two different movies, might as well pick the other, namely Final Destination 5.

I have read reviews on the previous Final Destination movies in various magazines and newspapers or during commercial breaks as a kid. But hey, I was tricked into believing that it was horror and scary. Hence, it is only until now that I found friends who love such thrillers and have plucked up sufficient courage myself to watch it.

The trend of me, not following a series in sequence still stays. Did you know that I jump into The Harry Potter series starting with the fourth – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?  I began my journey to the Final Destination with the last first, followed by the second, the first, the fourth and the third being the last. I caught up through internet streaming.

Out of the five, which is/are your favorite? I thought the fifth was the best as it incorporated the Chinese culture (acupuncture), the common LASIK surgery and the tempo was pretty fast, not as draggy as the rest. Most importantly, the deaths had brilliant design and good momentum in terms of build-up to the actual. The cause and the effect. The movie caused me to reflect on my own character. Things cannot be left undone, or there’s a chance that one will bid the world goodbye before you knew it.  Dust in the wind~

Watched the 2D version and the 3D effects were so evident. If I bought tickets to the 3D, I would probably suffer a heart attack. The sound effects helped to bring the scare factor to a new high.

1. No accidents. No coincidences. No escapes. You can’t cheat death
2. For every beginning there is an end
3. This ride will be the death of you.
4. Rest in pieces.
5. Death has never been closer.

The more “outstanding” death, other than those few in FD 5, happened to Ashley and Ashlyn, who were killed when their tanning beds malfunction and burn them alive in Final Destination 3.

I experienced serious side-effects after it ended. As we entered the lift, I was paranoid, would the lift crash downwards without thinking about the cables. It was only during the toilet break that my friend reminded me about it. As I was on the escalator without anyone standing in front of me, I thought to myself, will the escalator come to a halt suddenly with me flying all the way down? Shaky.

James Wong, I reckon you still want to make more bucks. How about this, a movie about people dying soon after watching FD?

And my coke was left untouched, all because of that vertically challenged guy who sat on my right. His drumstick leg prevented me from taking a sip throughout the movie., until he left his seat. He irritated me with his i-Phone 4 during the film too. Urgh.

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