Nokia Care Centre

If you are agitated, frustrated, etc, would you grab any objects around you and smash it?

I witnessed for myself how an uncle, most likely a senior citizen, becomes irrational. It seems that he sent his newly purchased C-series phone for repair. Speaking in Chinese in a rather loud tone, uncle’s patience was at its limit when he learns that he has to make a trip back to collect it or something to that extent. The staff tried to calm the uncle down but it seems the imminent volcano eruption could not possibly have been avoided. Thud. The poor phone first knocked against the desk. “I am going to buy myself a new phone.” There it goes. Landed hard on the ground. Cleaning up the mess, the uncle requested to have his warranty card back as it contains his personal information and left. This episode attracted the eyeballs of all present. The staff started discussing and comforting each other as soon as the uncle left. Why am I there? Oh, to collect my phone. *laughs* David Sim helped to download the necessary software updates using Wi-Fi. Thank you to you and that fat guy!

Dad accompanied me to Hello! Shop at Bugis Junction on 12 July this year to buy me a Nokia E7-00, the phone which I am currently using.

In less than a month’s time, specifically in the week starting 1 August, the phone’s rear camera malfunctioned. Upon startup, only a black screen with the icons were shown. (Symptom 5103 – camera no functionality) Hence, I brought the phone to Nokia Care located in Harbourfront on 6 August and was served by Barbara. Was informed that the collection date would be five days later. If earlier, a notification message would be sent to my number.

When I had a look at the acknowledgement form, there is a discrepancy between what Barbara told me and what was stated in the form. Though she mentioned about data loss, mass storage data loss and emphasized on the scratches on the top and bottom cover, she left out the part on Nokia will not be liable for the condition of the screen protector. I ought to scrutinize the terms and conditions before signing any document, oh well, negligence on my part. And she could not be bothered to explain it to me in further detail? Oh, leave it. My very first visit.

I picked my phone up during the 3 hours break on the following Thursday, 11 August. Throughout this period of waiting, I used the spare, old Nokia at home. However, when I hand over E7, my mind kept thinking that no one will be able to contact me since a SIM card is useless without a phone. I gave Barbara my house number instead. So, they rang my house number, and then Mom called me.

One Malay uncle served me. He is so cute!

“From the way I handle this phone, you know that I am not familiar with it.”

“Which phone are you using currently?”

“Haha. Nokia 5800. I’m working here and… Don’t tell anyone about it!”

He must be kidding.

Shortly after, which was 19 days later, I sent E7 for repair again! 30 August – when I should be focusing on my last paper. Despite this, I still achieve an A for that particular paper. This time round, (Symptom 4101 – Power – Doesn’t switch on). This is a tricky problem for phones with non-removable batteries. Those technicians have to remove numerous tiny screws to dismantle the phone and fix the problem. A flower, by the name of Daisy, served me. She speaks in a matter-of-fact way. Blah blah blah. Using a pen, she pointed out the important things to note on the acknowledgement form. Brilliant! Nothing was left out but I have to wait again. Provided my phone number though.

Received a message from Nokia on Saturday afternoon and collected it on the next day instead. Glad to see Symbian Anna as the operating system as it has been a long wait. But the joy did not last long. Days following the collection, things went awry. The symptom came back to haunt. Phone automatically switches off on its own. Had to press the power button for around 20 seconds. Whether it turns on depend solely on luck. Was it because I failed to update the required and important software for Anna? Disheartened, I sent my phone to the care center once more. Initially, I planned to give them a piece of my mind. I mean, with my phone back in good condition and then, no longer functioning in a week’s time is simply too much.

Staff Daven Eng, upon learning that this was a recurring symptom, volunteered to indicate it on the form. He wowed me by suggesting that the phone could be short-circuited. In addition, I was amused by his conversation with his fellow colleagues about admitting either you are a gay or you are cheating on a girl. Felt lotsa better when I left.

Guys with Christian names starting with ‘D’ shine in Nokia? Reckon so.

Bless my phone…


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