ICA Job Specialist Preview

Andriette and I signed up for the Immigrations & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) Job Specialist Preview at the Temasek Polytechnic Opportunity Fair 2012 held in mid-February.

An email from the Human Resource Management Executive for Commissioner, seeking confirmation of attendance was received in end-Feb and attendees were supposed to RSVP before early March by replying to it.

ICA Specialist Job Preview
Date & Time : 14 March 2012 (Wednesday) from 10 am to 5 pm
Meeting Place & Time : ICA Building (next to Lavender MRT Station)
10 Kallang Road
Singapore 208718
Level 10, ICA Auditorium @ 10 am sharp (Lunch will be provided)

Only students who have received the email invitation will be admitted to
the ICA Specialist Job Preview. Invitees are required to produce a documentary proof of identity (NRIC/Passport/Student Pass) during the event registration at 10 am.

“In the meantime, you can catch the exciting & action-packed TV drama “Point of Entry Season 2″ every Thursday at 8 pm on Channel 5 which provides enactment of real cases handled by ICA Specialists in their mission to keep our country safe and secure.”

Days before the Job Preview, another email came in to bring certain points to our attention, as follows:

i) Attire for the job preview is smart casual (with long pants /jeans and covered shoes). You will be visiting a chemical lab and doing a fair bit of walking at Home Team Academy and Tuas Checkpoint so better protect your legs and feet;

(ii) Event registration is at 10 am at ICA Building level 10. Please bring your NRIC/Passport/Student Pass. Transport will be provided from ICA Building to Home Team Academy and Tuas Checkpoint and back to ICA Building; and

(iii) Do note that for ease of movement and hands-on experience around HTA and Tuas Checkpoint, please be advised to carry backpacks or sling bags.

(iv) We know you guys love taking photos and videos with your smart phones but sorry… Home Team Academy and Tuas Checkpoint are camera-shy places so photography and video recording are strictly prohibited.

On the day itself, both Andriette and I were punctual in reaching the Meeting Place. Our very first time at the ICA Auditorium located at Level 10 of the building.  Registering with our Identification Card and collecting our goodie bags   consisting of

1x Bottled Mineral Water
1x Candidate’s Particulars Form
1x Folder with string fastener
1x ICA Brochure
1x ICA Pamphlet
1x ICA Pen
1x Post-it

In the Auditorium, the projector screen was showing the playback of Point of Entry webisodes found on Catch-up TV of xinmsn. Webisodes are short and thus, in repeat playback. Not that we were complaining as it was informative in nature.

Then, the Powerpoint presentation by a female officer. Topics touched on include the perceived vs exact job scope of an ICA Specialist, training programme after appointment, job deployment after training, the rank structure , sponsorship for continuous education for ICA Specialist, et cetera.

There were about 30 to 40 invitees from all 5 polytechnics, with a mixture of Year 1 to 3s, although the target group should be the graduating batch. The number of guys and girls were rather even.

The guided tour consist of 2 main locations – The Home Team Academy and Tuas Checkpoint. Other than sightseeing and introductions, we had first hand experience on selected state-of-the-art equipment and entering places which are usually out-of-bounds to unauthorized personnel. Not dwelling into the specifics, I do not want to be in breach of any law or whatsoever.

Four Seasons Catering Pte Ltd‘s buffet lunch at the Home Team Academy

Life as an ICA Specialist is not only about stamping passports. I encourage students or individuals keen on joining ICA to sign up for the Job Preview when presented with the opportunity. A brilliant chance for you to widen perspective and social circles at the same time, as well as interacting with officers of different positions to know more about the job and how work life is like.

(Sun-burnt) Andriette and I


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