Marvel’s The Avengers

Starting this post with a refreshingly new (Japanese) poster for all who are rather used to seeing the usual one.

I thought it would be better for me to showcase a few pictures which were rather different from the film itself. I’m sure it can be quite sickening to see the identical pictures, words over and over again.

Heroes and Heroine after a long day

When they were young.

Conversation between Iron Man, Thor and Captain America as seen on a Facebook post.

And look at what I have found online via Google!

The Little Lion Baked Goods

Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk making their appearance as cake pops. Do you bear to eat them, seriously?

The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow & Nick Fury. Avengers not assembled with the exclusion of Hawk Eye whose characteristic is more obvious from face down.

USB Flash Drives by InfoThink Technology Co.Ltd 訊想科技股份有限公司

Do take a look at the Avengers headshots, Chibi Avengers and the Avengers designs on

Official Site


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