Dark Shadows


A vampire enclosed in a coffin alive by brute force and buried underground for 196 years, or rather close to 200 years. When the vampire, Barnabas Collins, is freed…

In my opinion, he turns out to be the “Greatest Vampire ever”!

Thanks to a group of construction workers and hippies, Barnabas is no longer thirsty!

McDonald’s was founded in 1955 and car headlights are for safety purposes, facts which are hard to be digested in a sudden for Barnabas.

Cleaning up to breathe, look and smell in a presentable way when meeting distant relative for the first time within your own premises.

Ability to hypnotize helps in tricky situations and of course, when you’re a vampire meeting humans!

Breakfast, the first meal Barnabas had with the dysfunctional Collins family.

Traditional mindset – Barnabas vs  Carolyn

“What is your age?”
“Fifteen and no husband? You must put those birthing hips to good use at once.”

Renovation to re-furnish the mansion and re-establish the reputation of the Collins’ family

Electric piano. Switch off at the socket to conserve electricity when not in use.

This film is rated PG-13 with some sexual references and violence.
Well, the violence component is pretty alright.

Let’s move on to the sexy part…

The Barnabas-Victoria kiss which enraged Angelique

Sneaking around when sleazy Roger makes love with a lady

Men can’t resist seduction

Fancy a French kiss with a chameleon?

Angelique’s office became ruins. Did Barnabas heed Spider-man’s advice?

Would you want to be a vampire in order to avoid growing old? Dark eye circles is one of the side-effects. Not forgetting fang bite marks on your neck too.

Why is it that when one falls in love with a vampire, he or she needs to be an individual of the same nature? Common identity?

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, the best partners!

Disappointment? Fear not. Grab the tickets and watch! 😀


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