Graduation Ceremony 2012

Temasek Polytechnic
Temasek Convention Centre Level 3

Day 3: Wednesday, 23 May 2012
Session 9 6.00 pm
Reporting time 5.00pm

Diploma in Accounting & Finance
Diploma in Business Information Technology
Diploma in Communications & Media Management
Diploma in Law and Management
Specialist Diploma in Accounting & Finance (Part-time)

“Two admission tickets are enclosed for your loved ones to share this joyous occasion with you.”
The Stage

Memories for keepsake, while expenses make my heart ache.

Graduation attire

According to the Graduand Information Booklet,

“All graduands who are attending the Graduation Ceremony are required to wear the Graduation Attire. You may choose to either rent or purchase the graduation attire.”

Graduation attire differs for each and every tertiary institution, (do correct me if I’m wrong). Why buy it when it will eventually end up hidden in the wardrobe?

Performing simple maths will lead to another logical reason – Price of Attire Purchase ($40 + prevailing GST) is more expensive as compared to the fees for Attire Rental ($50.30) which comprises of Rental ($23.50 + prevailing GST) + Refundable Deposit ($23.50 + prevailing GST)

To suit the theme colours, or rather, to take full advantage of the promotional prices offered in conjunction with the opening of Uniqlo Parkway Parade, I bought a Women UV Cut Stretch Broadcloth Long Sleeve Shirt (Light Blue). $19.90.

Etching memories in the head is not foolproof. Hence, photographers of EO Digital Photographics are on the spot, ready to snap photos for every single person who went on stage to collect the folder.

$5.00 2 x 5R photo loose copy matt paper + 2 soft copies
$25.00 2 x 5R photo with hard folder + 2 soft copies
$35.00 2 x 8R photo with hard folder + 2 soft copies
$65.00 1 x 8R photo with frame + 2 x 5R photo with hard folder + 2 soft copies

*Photos are printed on special paper except the price of $5.00
Overseas postage charges $8.00 (loose copy) / $18.00/$25.00 (folder)

After consulting Mom on the spot, I ordered both the $5 and $35 sets. [2737] Photos were delivered to my doorstep on 21 June evening with three 50 cents stamps affixed on the envelope.

The cab fees to and fro between home and TP TCC.

What angers me was the need to fork out $15.00 for the Graduation Teddy Bear (if we want it),  while our Ngee Ann Polytechnic (and other polytechnics?)  friends received one each, free of charge, regardless of whether they want it or not.

In total, I spent around $90.00+?

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