The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Complete the sentence.
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is famous for its ______ .

Obviously, 2 packets of Vegetarian bee hoon for breakfast couldn’t last 2 adults and 1 child for 5 hours. With the 2 x 10 Bean Bucks voucher received from my senior during internship, Regina, Mom & I settled down at the Jurong Point store to have our lunch.

1 Jurong West Central
#01-16E Jurong Point
Singapore 648886
(Cake collection store with free Wifi)

What we ordered:
[Reg] Tomato & Herb Spaghetti Set $11.40
[Me] Spicy Tuna Spaghetti Set $12.00
[Mom] Chicken Mushroom Fusilli Set $12.00
Total: $35.40

Due to the information asymmetry in beverage selection for set meals, I had to run back and forth between the counter and the table. Tea were bland, even after adding sugar. Should have opt for the more well-known ones. My fault.

Disappointed with their inventory management. If the quantity of a particular sauce or beverage is low, shouldn’t the customers be informed prior to ordering?   It seems that the tomato sauce were depleted.

Mom’s lunch came first while both Reg & mine were seriously delayed.

David Beckham, Number 23.

Finalized lunch orders:
[Mom & Reg] Chicken Mushroom Fusilli Set $12.00
[Me] Shepherd’s Pie $9.90
Total: $33.90

Refund of $1.50?
Information asymmetry + difference in bills = Complimentary slice of Buster’s Weekly Cheesecake

Honestly speaking, I would rather have my money back.

Chicken Mushroom Fusilli Set

Though Reg’s appetite is growing as she reaches the puberty stage, the serving that she can tahan differs. To make things worse, Mom started to grow sick of the Carbonara sauce. I do not like to waste food and thus ended up cleaning their  plates clean.

Shepherd’s Pie

Perhaps I’m really full. The recommended Shepherd’s Pie on the menu didn’t appeal to me much. The description “Creamy potato mash with a generous filing of minced lamb” wasn’t accurate. My eyes and mouth agreed that the potato were in cubes rather than creamy. The minced lamb is gamey. Don’t reckon it’s fully cooked. Tasted slightly raw. Towards the end, I felt like puking and hence  a huge chunk of it was left behind. Awful experience.

Thank goodness there was the slice of cake to revive our taste buds.

Thinking back, we trio should have just ordered cakes for lunch!


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