UT POP-UP 2013

Publicity work on various platforms such as newspapers, magazines and social media began weeks prior to the actual date of the event itself. Upon seeing the advertisement on TODAY, I RSVP-ed immediately.

I received a confirmation email from Uniqlo with the header above on 30 April. Imagine how thrilled I am to hear this piece of great news (prior to the start of the week long study break). However, I have a paper on the following Monday, immediately after the weekend. I hesitated for about a week or so before making up my mind. Again, another problem arises. Is it open to the public? If no, am I to go there alone? Thankfully, the event was open to public. Thus, those who did not manage to RSVP earlier on could also attend the event. In consideration for my friends, who like me, were busy revising for their papers then, I got Mom to accompany me. 

Information provided about the free shuttle service did not specify the exact waiting area. Most of the attendees (including me) thought it was either the area outside City Hall MRT Exit B or the nearby bus stop. It was noon by the time staff in Uniqlo t-shirts appeared to distribute flyers and we approached them to inquire about the shuttle service. They directed us to the pick-up area, which was about a bus stop away.

View of the pick-up area, queue and staff
The vehicle
“The building shown is 72-13 ICAA, a rice warehouse and a cultural relic of early Singapore, now converted into a destination for art galleries, cinema and theatre.”
(Credit: Photo & Text obtained from Uniqlo Singapore Facebook Page)
The prominent UT sign infront of the building. (Credit: Photo obtained from Uniqlo Singapore Facebook Page)

Impressed by a (lady) Uniqlo staff  who 实地考察 by queuing together with the rest and make adjustments on the spot to ensure that the process of entering the building, registration and collection of UT goodie bags was smooth and hassle-free, for example, getting the public to fill in their particulars while waiting outside.

Two lines: Public on the left and guests who have rec’d Uniqlo’s email on the right. (Credit: Photo obtained from Uniqlo Singapore Facebook Page)

There were a few who left immediately after collecting the goodie bags. Boarding the same shuttle vehicle which escorted them there.

Each goodie bag consists of one Uniqlo notebook, a UT Pop-Up Mug and the paper bag (of varying designs) itself. Designs include Disney Pixar, Sanrio, Suzy’s Zoo and so on.

A bar was set up to cater to all who wished to hydrate themselves after making a trip down under the scorching sun. One could choose from Coke, green tea or bottled mineral water. The “bartender” would open the bottle/can and insert a straw before handing it over to you. How thoughtful!

UT Display

For guests who did not put on their UTs, there are UTs provided on the spot. Staff would help to take a 2-seconds animated portrait of you as an individual or you and your friends as a group with the UTCamera app and photographers with their DSLRs to take a photo which is to be made into a free personalized UTCamera badge (to be collected in an hour’s time on Level 2). Last but not least, a 15% discount coupon.

(Credit: Photo obtained from Uniqlo Singapore Facebook Page)
Posing for the camera~ (Credit: Photo obtained from Uniqlo Singapore Facebook Page)

Tbh, I do not have any recollections about the stage and Noise Singapore showcase (Music & Photography). My bad. But the 2013 UT collections  which includes exclusive designs that are not yet launched in stores and available for purchase on Level 2 simply took my mind off.

Level 2 (Credit: Photo obtained from Uniqlo Singapore Facebook Page)
Badge Collection
The queue for the shuttle service to Somerset MRT

At the end of the day, Mom bought 2 Lulu Guinness for me and 1 Sanrio for Regina. Thinking back, wouldn’t it be great if I could attend each and every UT Pop-Up in the different countries? Aww..

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