Now You See Me

Perhaps not, with the PSI reaching as high as 152 tonight 😛

Back on track, finally caught this movie at The Cathay earlier this afternoon. The trailer got my attention but it was under Ivan’s persuasion cum tempting that had me willingly forking out money to watch it. It has been some time since I last watch a movie at my own expense.

“The closer you look, the less you’ll see.”

The story revolves around the Four Horsemen, comprised of four individuals namely Daniel Atlas, Henley Reeves, Jack Wilder, and Merritt McKinney, who were led together by four tarot cards with the same meeting date, time and place printed on the back. Meanwhile, a mysterious person in a hoodie lurks around them.

A year lapsed before the Four Horsemen debuted at Las Vegas and the much celebrated climax (robbing a bank in Paris) brought them to fame. They then continued with their second and third performances in New Orleans and NYC respectively.

This was not without interruption by the FBI and Interpol who were hot on their heels and yet did not have sufficient evidence to nail them.

As for the ending… no spoilers here 😛

Thinking back, the reviews which I have read did caused me to hesitate. But the twist and ending were not as bad as claimed to be.


I liked the heavy French accent that accompanied Agent Alma Dray’s English.
Dylan Rhodes is charming as compared to the extraordinary green Hulk.


Thaddeus Bradley has plenty of conspicuous black spots upon close up and looks more suave without the hat.
Arthur Tressler could handle both the good and bad equally well.

The four? Fabulous.



The magic theme is fascinating. Together with the myth of The Eye.

Speaking of which, the significance of River Seine…

Rating: 3.5 magic tricks

P.S. ❤ the soundtrack!


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